Why you should be excited about the next PDUG conference and why you shouldn’t miss it.


Wroted by: Javier Estrada Benavides

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend the PDUG conference in Wroclaw, Poland, along with around 90 attendees, so it is a clear indicator that the PDUG User Group is very strong and caring for its audience and committed to deliver valuable content. However, I believe that there is much more value beyond the obvious focus and content, PDUG gives the chance to be open to embrace new boundaries.


What can you expect from a PDUG conference?

At it’s core, PDUG offers highly skilled technical content that can not only work as a great choice for training or advice, but it can also give new direction, ideas and inspiration to broaden your skills and vision as today’s needs are not the same as 5 years ago, and we all need to evolve no matter what our current position is. These times are challenging and promise to follow this tendency, but the PDUG User Group is aware of this and you can see it when you attend a PDUG conference: The content of the presentations offered show this very clearly and take you by the hand to aid you in your road to technical development.

The quality of the presentations is top level, therefore it is also changing to deliver the best by having both world renowned experienced Db2 professionals sharing their hidden secrets, and at the same time giving the opportunity to young and new professionals who wish to share their very best with the community.

You will not be disappointed by the content offered at a PDUG conference as it covers all perspectives, from development to quality assurance to systems programming to new trends.


Attending a PDUG conference is much more than the conference

Essentially, PDUG is a User Group and you can see it from the very start. You’ll have the chance to meet and talk to other Db2 enthusiasts coming from all places and having all kinds of positions. They’re eager to share their experiences so you can learn from them, and you’ll also hear what they know, what they wish to know, what they’re struggling with, what they would like to see, and it is highly valuable that you return the courtesy and share your vision too. It is a great chance to share and contribute since PDUG is a community and a chance like this is invaluable both on a professional level and in a personal level.

The essence of a community like PDUG is to learn how to become a better professional so you can share it, and PDUG is committed to such never ending task, so you can rest assured that PDUG will continue to offer knowledge and opportunities that you will not want to miss.


Attending a PDUG conference is more than attending a conference, it is an invaluable experience in your career, and to summarize this perspective, here’s a list of the reasons why you shouldn’t miss the next PDUG conference:

  • It offers the opportunity to learn directly from world class speakers.
    • Not only that, you’ll also have a chance to discover how they built their career and can offer advice for you to advance on yours.
  • You’ll be the first in line to hear about new trends, so you can study and be a leader, not just a follower.
  • You’ll get access to refined knowledge that you’ll want to explore as soon as you discover it.
  • You’ll get the opportunity to meet more professionals who can potentially give ideas that you had not yet considered.


The PDUG User Group is constantly working and investing in knowledge so it can be shared to empower ourselves to be better in our careers, so that we can evolve and meet today’s demands in a world that calls for a new kind of specialists. PDUG is something to be experienced and you definitely want to be a part of it.

Javier bio:
With over 11 years of experience with Db2 for z/OS as a System Programmer and DBA, Javier is currently the only Latin American member in the IDUG Content Committee. He is also the creator of the MEXDUG Db2 User Group in his home country, Mexico and an IBM Champion in Analytics for the year 2018. He is currently working in Prague, Czech Republic, with the aim of keep learning Db2 for z/OS and ways to integrate the DBA world with Machine Learning and Data Science.


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