db2mon.pl – machine surveillance recipe

Part 1 (15 minutes): 30000ft view on Db2 monitoring interfaces 1.1Build in SQL interfaces: – monreport module – event monitors – administrative routines and views (MON_GET_*) 1.2 Product embeded standalone facilities: – snapshots – db2getsnaps – db2pd – db2top – auditing 1.3 Allude on External products: – IBM InfoSphere Optim Performance Manager (and others) – … Czytaj dalej

Top tips to improve the Performance of Dynamic SQL

In the early days of DB2 for z/OS the use of dynamic SQL was minimized at most DB2 installations due to fears over unreliable or unpredictable performance. That approach has been almost completely turned on its head now and it is common to find sites where the vast majority of application SQL is Dynamic rather … Czytaj dalej

PBR RPN – Removing Partitioning restrictions in Db2 12 for z/OS

The ability to partition tables has been available since the very earliest releases of Db2 for z/OS, but over the past few releases the number of options has exploded. We’ve seen increases in the number of partitions, Table based rather than Index based partitioning, Data Partitioned Secondary Indexes, UTS objects which are partitioned by Growth … Czytaj dalej


The presentation will discuss important aspects of BACKUP SYSTEM as a good alternative way of making copies especially in busy sites. Attendees will be able to get information about general idea behind this concept, configuration, incremental SLB and what is new in DB2 12. At the end of the first part of the presentation delivered … Czytaj dalej

CA – sponsor presentation

Representatives from CA Technologies will discuss what’s cooking in the lab, what has been recently delivered, and what’s currently planned. You will hear more about the development lab Prague, which is relatively close to Wroclaw. This session will also cover the roadmap of the existing CA DB2 Tools products, and a couple of new products … Czytaj dalej

Using in-database analytics features with Db2

Db2 offers several features for applications to push down predefined or user-defined analytics functions into the database engine. Such push down provides better performance and data governance characteristics than traditional approaches. This session explains how to use in-database analytics features such as clustering and regression algorithms, user-defined aggregate functions, in-database scoring with SAS and SPSS, … Czytaj dalej

What’s new in Db2 v11

This session will introduce some of the most significant changes and enhancements in DB2 11 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows. We will review the new fixpack strategy for DB2 LUW, how the process for database upgrades has been greatly simplified and enhancements to the BLU engine.  Additionally, this session will also cover features such as … Czytaj dalej

DB2 LUW Problem Determination and Troubleshooting Workshop

The popular troubleshooting seminar, updated with the newest DB2 11.1 problem determination techniques and LIVE DEMOS! Learn how to identify and resolve database hangs, crashes, performance problems, and data corruption issues. Get familiar with diagnostic tools. Learn how and when to use these troubleshooting tools for a quick problem resolution. Topics covered: Performance; FODC; Hangs; … Czytaj dalej

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