The Db2 Event Store – Built for AI and Powered by AI

ann: awesome! do we mention here hybridcloud, not just multicloud?
tijay: same database where ever you use it, no mix of limitations by form factor
ann: and performance, simplicity, does it resonate?
tijay: running tx&olap over the same cluster and same copy of data – simplicity
evee: and performance on all workloads without tuning – this is the simplicity
ann: this resonates a lot
evee: and we have it, it’s like htap by design, combines row+columnar
evee: also data virtualisation, single view across all cloud platforms
tijay: yeah… you pay for what you use
ann: so all in single one aidb? I mean yeah… all in single one aiDb2!!

Languages :  Polski Session Category :  Warszawa 2019 

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