Db2 for zOS V12 Migration Planning and New Functionalities

Db2 12 for z/OS Migration Planning & Continuous Delivery Workshop focuses on how you can quickly upgrade to Db2 Migration and Continuous Delivery and take advantage of new functions and features related with System, zHW, Application Development safely and securely.
Technical Overview of Db2 12 for z/OS which will cover performance enhancements for traditional workloads, performance enhancements for modern workloads, application enablement enhancements, reliability, availability, scalability and security
Explanation of how you can exploit new features and functions quickly to save time and money
Explanation of Db2 12 migration process
Take advantage of new function levels that are shipped continuously e.g components like APPLCOMPAT will now become vitally important and operate at the subsystem level, application/package level, as well as the driver level (IBM Data Server Driver)
The presentes will provide hints and tips, address some myths, provide additional planning information, and provide usage guidelines and positioning on new enhancements. The main objective is to help customers migrate as fast as possible, but safely and exploit new functions there-in, and how to prepare for the march towards continuous delivery.

Languages :  Polski Session Category :  Warszawa 2019 

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