DB2 for z/OS REAL STORAGE Controls in the Big Memory Era

09:15  -  10:15
Millennium Plaza, 31.03.2017

As the future in z/OS goes with the era of „Big Data” and in memory demands, DB2 for z/OS makes more and more use of REAL memory to improve performance and to reduce cost. Like everything this within a given budget and if you do not mange your budget and monitor the use of REAL memory, you can put you application at risk. This presentation will explain the basics and answer the most common question about REAL memory management. It will also explain how DB2 uses the virtual and real memory. How customers build a budget plan based on system settings and buffer pool sizes. How to size the LFAREA and what the key performance indicators are. But, most important, how do you know you are running safe and what can I do to protect the system?

Languages :  Polski Session Category :  Konferencje PDUG  Warszawa 2017 

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