Table Space Odyssey

DB2 storage de-mystified. DMS, SMS, Automatic Storage table space internals. Default table space types across different DB2 editions and versions. Best practices. Container structure, naming conventions, internal architecture. Buffer pool considerations. Storage paths, auto-extend mechanisms, automatic striping. Parallelism vs. performance discussions. Common high watermark issues, reclaimable (object-relative) vs. non-reclaimable (pool-relative). Explanation on current deprecation statements, … Czytaj dalej

Stable queries

Presentation will cover how plan stability for static and dynamic SQL can help protect you from access path regressions. For static SQL that means taking advantage of the plan management feature – with the various options available, that apply to both REBIND and to BIND. Stability for Dynamic SQL is evolving more rapidly, with new … Czytaj dalej

What optimizer thinks about your statistics – SYSSTATFEEDBACK

DB2 optimizer relies on statistics about tables and indexes. In most cases, if optimizer could exploit more complete and accurate statistics, queries would perform better. While, DB2 users often only gather standard or default statistics. It’s a challenge for users to identify what detailed statistics should be gathered for the specific queries. This is a … Czytaj dalej

V12 Migration Planning and Very Early Customer Experiences

This double session will: share lessons learned, surprises, pitfalls; provide hints and tips; address some myths; provide additional planning information; provide usage guidelines and positioning on new enhancements; Help customers migrate to Db2 z/OS 12 as fast as possible, but safely.  

Everything You Wanted to Know About (DB2) IO But Were Afraid to Ask

In the modern days, we expect the database to do majority of the operations in-memory. In reality though, very often the performance and effectiveness of input-output operations is crucial for the throughput of the system. DB2 database does IO operations in multiple ways: doing direct reads/writes, asynchronously via prefetches and page cleaners, skipping or not … Czytaj dalej

OMEGAMON Db2 – Hands on Lab workshop

What you will be learning in the Hands On Lab (HOL) ———————————— This HOL introduces and discusss the features and functions of OMEGAMON XE for DB2 Performance Expert on z/OS (OMPE). The idea of this HOL is to cover almost all parts of OMPE. Because it is almost impossible to execute all exercises in the … Czytaj dalej

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