Tough SQL Analysis

With this presentation I’d like to touch quite delicate spot of Db2 knowledge – tough SQLs. I suppose most of us aware how to improve one table SQL – that’s a must. But sometimes things got worse, SQLs could be much more complicated and normal technics are not enough. How to approach them – that’s … Czytaj dalej

Powerful Synergy with IBM Z Processors and Db2 for z/OS

John will share performance information about  of the following: zHyperLinks Exploitation (z14 & DS8K), Db2 Pervasive Encryption (z14), Async CF LOCK1 Structure Duplexing, Deeper Compression with Huffman Compression (z14).

Db2 for z/OS Native RESTful Experience

IBM Db2 for z/OS is still the undisputed leader for storing and maintaining mission critical data. It remains the “gold standard” for system availability, scalability, security and cost effectiveness. A majority of Fortune 500 companies, including the world’s top banks, retailers and insurance providers trust Db2 for z/OS for storing their data. In addition, Db2 … Czytaj dalej

JC Greatest Hits, War Stories, and Best Practices 2019 for Db2 for z/OS

This session will share lessons learned from good and bad customer experiences, and share recommended best practice. The presentation is a mash up of the following topics: •Running out of basic 6-byte log RBA addressing range •Diagnosing resolving slow-downs and hangs •Hung Db2 threads •New ZSA keyword on HIPER and PE APARs •Insert free space … Czytaj dalej

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