John Lyle

John Lyle has worked for IBM at the Silicon Valley Laboratory in the Db2
organization since 1985. Joining Db2 development in 1995, he has worked
in the RDS area focusing mostly on the Db2 system catalog, migration and
fallback and the data definitional language (DDL) areas as well as the
index manager area. He has been the lead designer and implementer of
the catalog and fallback changes since V5 and has worked on numerous
other development items over the years.
John was the lead designer for Db2 9’s Clone table function. In V8 –
V11 John was the Utility lead for all of the ENFM changes that were
made to the Db2 catalog and directory. In V12 John was a development
leader and designer in the move to Db2’s new continuous development
process and also the new Online Migration capabilities. In Db2 13, John
was the lead designer in the changes to the migration process. John is
currently working in Db2’s Provisioning-Deployment-Migration team as
the team leader.


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