Db2 for z/OS Trends and directions by Maureen Townsend

21 Sept 2018

This session focuses on Db2 12 for z/OS, the most recent release of IBM’s flagship relational DBMS product for the mainframe. This presentation gives a technical overview of Db2 12, and offers an update on the strategic roadmap, client experiences, and recent continuous delivery content. Among many recent innovations are:

  • improvements to enhance application performance and lower costs without application changes;
  • ease of use and simplification improvements to reduce management costs and improve availability;
  • new application development security features;
  • and enhancements to support Cloud, DevOps, database as a service, and hybrid analytics use cases.

Db2 12 provides the basis for continuous delivery (CD) whereby new features can be delivered more quickly, in a more controlled way for clients, and the talk will address how Db2 capabilities can be used to help enterprises meet expectations and demands of their internal and external clients.

Recent innovation to enhance access path selection by the Db2 optimizer, resulting in more rapid query execution, will be highlighted.


Languages :  Polski Session Category :  Wrocław 2018 

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