Achieving Continuous Availability „Never down” Applications with Db2

In today’s real time world, more and more, the need for never down applications is front and center in the direction companies are heading.  Join us for an overview of the base capabilities of Db2 HADR and Db2 pureScale and a deep dive of the latest enhancements to both in Db2 V11.x.  With Db2 HADR we have enhanced our read on standby capabilities.  With Db2 pureScale, there have been many enhancements through the various feature packs of Db2 V11.1 and we will discuss those in detail.  Db2 pureScale can be used to build a continuously available platform for your applications.  We will look at how this can be accomplished by leveraging Db2 pureScale in a truly disaster recovery environment.  We will also take a peak ahead at our roadmap to even further enhance these key technologies.

Languages :  Polski Session Category :  Warszawa 2019 

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