Summary – IX conference PDUG

September, 30 2016. The next conference PDUG came to the end. Finally … you can’t believe but from the organizer looks completely different than from the side of the participant (a year ago I was the only participant). I am tired but happy that all the earlier work was not wasted. Most of things went well and I hope that the participants are also happy as we are. To the point. Conference participants know everything how it went, absentees may regret but have a chance to come to the next one ..

For now can read summary of our event below.

Here we go! First Day.

First Day morning. Registration seems to function, people are coming more and more. We barely manage to finish by the time of the first presentation, welcoming all participants. Jacek Rafalak opened conference on behalf of the absent President (Mariusz! All the best for a new way of life) and welcomed all participants to 9th PDUG conference, a group of Polish users of DB2. We thanked the sponsors – IBM for room, vouchers and CA Technologies for helping us financially and Database Consulting (, by donating to our members two free training on Z / OS and SQL for experienced users.

As part of the new website re-introduction, we encouraged all to cooperate and write articles. Thanks to the sponsor – IBM, we could reward active volunteers giving them vouchers for certification / examinations DB2 – Paweł Sękowski (handling social media, blog, photo), Jarosław Pawelec (PDUG newspaper, service photo), Bartosz Faszczewski (author of articles in PDUG newspaper, DTP), Aneta Jaworska (work for PDUG, phone calls to members).

Then the head of IBM Krakow Kumka Sławomir gave a Key Note about machine learning.

After this presentation participants diveded into 2 tracks/ separate rooms The first day of the path DB2 for LUW began with the presentation of Kamil Kuduk (IBM lab Kraków) and a deep dive into the query execution plans. Then the two sessions with Les King of the IBM Toronto lab about the strategy and the big analytical insights. Then Tomasz Kraszucki from Asseco told us a little about maintaining the database and Matthias Nicola (IBM Germany) told how to tune the IBM BLU. The day ended with a presentation of the federation servers colleague Szymon Strzoda from a local IBM Krakow Lab.

At the same time, on the path DB2 z /OS, Jacek Surma from PKO BP and Michał Białecki IBM lab discussed the results of functional tests and performance of the new version of DB2 12, which PKOBP performed during on-going Early Support Program. All tests on a copy of the production system in PKOBP went well, but for now we can not reveal it publicly in this article until the release of DB2 12 on the market – stay tuned! Subject DB2 z / OS 12 was continued by John Campbell, @GURUDB2, Distinguished Engineer at IBM DB2 for z / OS Development, the “godfather” of our group – thanks to him PDUG initiative is so successful .. Thank you John for coming!

After lunch, the presentation of one of the sponsors – CA technologies. It was interesting to hear about CA lab in nearby Prague (Czech Rep) and also on the following technical presentations Emil Kotrč and Denis Tronin (both from CA Technologies). The last presentation on the first day gave Jarek Łagowski (IBM Warszawa), most recently a hot topic that is DevOps.

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The end of education, it’s time to have some fun.

But it was not the end . After the presentations there was a raffle for voucher IDUG conference in Brussels and two free training New Functions and Features in DB2 10 for z / OS and DB2 SQL Workshop Workshop for Experienced Users. Voucher for IDUG won Tomasz Kraszucki while training Jacek Smykal and Lukasz Kudla. Congratulations!. At 8pm we all met on the evening of integration in the bar Movido in Krakow’s square. The whole place was for us, and judging by the faces of the people the whole evening can be considered successful.

Day two !

The integration was successful and in the morning, as usual, was a little less people. A pity because the path of the DB2 for LUW you can learn how to get started with DashDB by Marcin Marczewski (IBM Krakow Lab). Get to know some useful tools available in DB2 LUW, which showed us Mathias Nicola (IBM Germany). In the end, Marcin Baster (IBM Krakow Lab) told us that it is often used by us TSAMP can also be used for other things than HADR. Then I Rafal Gulbas (Decsoft) said little about encryption, hopefully interesting for the participants. At the end of the day Edward Raven (IBM UK) gave support to DB2 uses technology from Watson and Jan Nelken (IBM Krakow Lab) told what’s new squeaks in the latest installment of DB2 Version 11.1.

Path z/OS dominated by IBM lab, but with the notable exception – Jacek Rafalak (CA technologies) talked about the approach to maintenance. Then again on the stage of John Campbell – “greatest hits”, Christian Michel (IBM Lab Beoblingen) – approached the sort of DB2 Utilities and at the end .. Nigel Slinger, Joseph Ouyang (IBM Silicon Valley Lab) and vivid John Campbell talked about how Continues Delivery change the world DB2.

Thank you all …

I hope that, like the other participants, I consider this conference a success. If something does not suit you, please write boldly in the comments. However, I on behalf of myself and the entire board thank you all for coming.

Coming soon, all members of our association will have the presentations from event. To download you must be a registered user on our website/ PDUG member. People who want to join us are welcome to filling of Declarations of States which also is located in our resources.

I hope that already in the first quarter of next year we will meet at 10th PDUG conference, this time in Warsaw.

… And I invite you to cooperation.

Oh, and finally to repeat what is repeated throughout the conference. If somebody wants to write about something, share something that has a relationship with the DB2 please write to us. We answer usually within 1 day! Relationship with DB2 can be really loose, you can write about the DB2 on the functions, procedures, applications that are based on DB2 for their own scripts or programs. You can even write about DashDB or Neeteza. Portal be for you and through you co-created.

Let’s share the knowledge!


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